Civil Litigation

Civil litigation encompasses a broad range of disputes — typically any litigation that does not involve criminal charges. Instead, the outcome of a civil lawsuit is usually a court order that requires a party to pay another party, stop interfering with another party’s rights, or do what they are legally obligated to do.

Types of Civil Litigation

The term “civil litigation” is a broad area of law that encompasses a mixture of various subject matters.

Civil litigation can range in issues as small as disputes between neighbors, such as dog bite cases, to cases as serious as fighting foreclosure. Some of the most common types of civil litigation we handle at JWC Legal, PLLC include:

  • Landlord and tenant disputes
  • Real estate transactions
  • Property disputes
  • Education law
  • Civil rights violations
  • Small claims matters
  • Creditor and debtor issues

How Can JWC Legal, PLLC Help You?

JWC Legal, PLLC can help both individuals and businesses pursue civil litigation cases. Whether they are looking to reclaim money, property, or services owed, or to seek monetary damages or a specific action, such as an injunction or a temporary restraining order — we are prepared to help pursue their case.

Going through a lawsuit can be a complicated process, but we take our clients through the entire process of filing and pursuing their lawsuit, which includes advising them on whether their case is best suited for court or can be handled better outside of the courtroom. Before taking your case to court, we can help to try to settle your case — which could save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars in litigation costs.

At JWC Legal, PLLC, we utilize negotiation, arbitration and mediation to resolve various legal problems where possible. Rest assured, once you become our client, we will zealously represent you in all stages of your civil matter from sending out a demand letter to standing with you in a courtroom to hear the jury’s final verdict.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Do I need a lawyer or can I handle this myself? 

In theory, most people can change the oil or brake pads on their vehicle, but most don’t for either lack of knowledge or fear of breaking something. Unlike a broken car that can be replaced or fixed, a mistake in the civil arena can have far lasting consequences.  A civil judgment against you can last up to 10 years and even then, the judgment could be renewed and the matter further pursued.  The best course of action would be to seek a consultation with a civil attorney so that you can fully understand your case, the legal issues raised and the possible outcomes for your case. Call JWC Legal, PLLC at (469) 215-7209 to schedule your consultation today!

I think I’ve been sued, what should I do next?

Don’t delay! You are only given a certain number of days to respond to the document you receive in a lawsuit. Any significant delay could cause irreparable harm. Give our office a call and schedule a consultation so that we can review the paperwork you’ve received.

If I want to represent myself, can you help me prepare documents?

Absolutely. If your case is in small claims court, county court, or even district court we would be happy to prepare documents for you. However, we always recommend consulting with an attorney before choosing to represent yourself. For more information on what documents we can prepare for you, give us a call to schedule a consultation.

How do I know if I have a legitimate claim for a lawsuit? 

The best way to determine whether you have a legitimate claim is to consult an experienced attorney. JWC Legal, PLLC has experienced attorneys that can evaluate your situation and advise you on the merits of your possible legal claim. Contact us today for an evaluation of your potential claim.

If you need representation in a civil lawsuit, call JWC Legal, PLLC at (469) 215-7209 to schedule your initial phone consultation.