Jessica Warren

Attorney and Founder
Growing up, I always wanted to help the people I saw being victimized by the so-called “justice system.” That simple instinct is what led me to study human psychology, to found this firm, and to team up with several amazing Of Counsel attorneys. Together, we work to protect clients throughout Texas from the many injustices that plague the legal system.

Tifanee Baker

Of Counsel Attorney
I’m on a mission to change the face of the American justice system. I’ve seen far too many inconsistencies when it comes to the way different people are treated when they’re facing the same criminal charge or other legal matter. That’s why I’m out to become a judge. In the meantime, though, I’ll gladly defend people’s rights as an attorney.

Leroy B. Scott, Esq., Ph.D.

Of Counsel Attorney
In my previous employment position, I handled litigation for a popular personal injury law firm in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. By starting my own firm, I have greater control over providing excellent service to my clients. I am also able to accept clients who have difficult cases and truly need someone to fight for them.

Sarah C. Morris

Of Counsel Attorney
At my core, I am a client advocate. I’m always on my clients’ side, whether they’re facing a criminal charge, trying to overcome a family law dispute, or looking to create a will or trust. I base my practice on the concept of personalized attention because I know that every client and every situation is unique.