Criminal Defense & DUIs

Old Traffic Citations Case

Case resolved with 13 of 15 citations dismissed and the remaining 2 citations receiving deferred disposition.

15 old traffic citations in warrant status out of Lancaster and Dallas.  

Expungement of Records

Arrest record cleared!

Client was having difficulty finding a job and sought to have multiple arrests removed from her record.   

Ellis County Possession of MJ

Case was pled down to a fine and time served.

Client was passenger in vehicle during a routine traffic stop.  The vehicle was searched and marijuana was found.  Client had a criminal background. 

Denton DUI

Client plead in May of 2017 to Obstruction of a Highway the day of trial.

A passing driver made 9/11 call when he saw Client’s vehicle safely pulled off onto shoulder and found Client sleeping in his car.  Client performed sobriety tests and initial blood draw reported .016.  –Acting as Co-Counsel for Of Counsel attorney Sarah Morris.

Hot Check Case

Case dismissed.

Client was arrested during a routine traffic stop for a year old warrant caused by returned check.  A year earlier, Client wrote a check at a grocery store and then moved less than a month later so was unaware of the returned check mail sent to her former address. 

Family Law

Tarrant County Custody Case

Case was resolved with an agreed joint-custody agreement that was uniquely tailored to the young parents.

Two young parents were in disagreement about who should have custody of their child and when.  Our Firm and opposing counsel were able to help guide the young parents.

Consumer Protection

Debt Settlement Case

The case settled for half the amount due.

Client was served with notice of a lawsuit regarding old retail credit card debt left unpaid.